Banesco USA

Banesco Visa® Check Card

The Banesco Visa® Check Card puts in your hands a wide array of services, so you can easily and safely manage your Personal Checking Account and your NOW Account:


  • More than 390,000 Automatic Teller Machines in the United States, 660,000 in South America and one million worldwide.
  • Pay products and services, nationally and internationally, in Visa affiliated stores.
  • More than 5.9 million affiliated stores in the United States, 2.1 million in Latin America and 24.3 million worldwide.
  • Purchase products or pay for services through Internet and by telephone.
  • Zero Liability Visa Protection

Apply for your Card and start to enjoy all of the advantages that Banesco Visa® Check Card has in store for you!

Banesco Visa® Check Card Alerts

Monitor your debit card usage 24/7 Sign up for this new service to help prevent debit card fraud. You’ll receive alerts about transactions made with your debit card, providing you with another layer of security which enables you to identify and stop fraudulent debit card activity. To register for this service visit: https://www.smsservicesnow.com/fd/registeralerts/xsl/banesco/index.htm

Receive near real-time alerts about your debit card activity. Alerts will be sent to your email address or mobile phone:

  • Get an alert for check card activity and for preferred dollar amounts
  • Transfer Alert between Banesco USA accounts
  • Denied Transaction Alert
  • Exceed Limit Alert
  • Exceed Balance Alert
  • Purchase Alert
  • Select only the alerts you want to receive and change them as needed
  • Easily request help or stop receiving all alerts

*This service is available only for customers who have a Banesco Visa® Check Card. U.S. residents have the option of receiving text messages or e-mail. International customers only have the option to receive alerts via e-mail.